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Newbie looking to get started


I am new to this forum. I would like to get started using and making virtual tours as a part-time business and later go full time.

I recently called several Real Estate businesses and a Chamber of Commerce but became disillusioned with the responses. Either I did not ask the right questions, or I was seeking the wrong businesses.

I would have thought that the Real Estate market would snap up a virtual tour suggestion. The agent told me that in a "hot market" virtual tours are nothing more than toys, since in this case, when a home or business is published, it is usually sold within a week. As stated, I must not have asked the right question.

Can I get a few suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Hi Tony

Just start and train your skills. Iam shure your in the right direction. With the higher bandwidth of the internet, virtual tours become very soon a common markting tool for different businesses.

For example in the future nobody will book a hotel, without viewing the hotel via a virtual tour. And so on ....

Read this article from the latest Business Week (also in the print edition):

Business Week Internet

Your real estate agent might be right, at the moment, but markets go up and down. ;)

regards, Markus Canon 20D / Sigma 8mm / Roundshot VR-Drive
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Hi Tony

I am new to this as well. Looking forward to using Tourweaver a lot, it is a great program. We both have to learn this quick, the sooner the better. Then when you have faith in your product it will be easier to sell.


Have a great day.
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Hi Tony,

I'm a newbie also. In fact I've not even purchased Easypano's products. I'm still honing my skills with the demo versions. Probably, I'll buy the end of this month as I've done a lot of research and I find Easypano's stuff easiest to use.

Anyway, I'm not sure what questions you asked, but you did get honest answers which should guide you in your decision as to what industry you will market to. In my area, the real estate market is very hot, and it takes nothing to sell homes these days other than listing it for sale. VR tours may not be necessary, but I wonder of agents themselves are even necessary. FSBO's are doing well too.

I've decided not to go into the residential real estate market myself. It seems to be the lowest rung on the ladder, making it a long way to get to the top. No offense to those here who are successfully making it a go in that market. But in my area at least, the expectation is a very low price, and it seems that's all that matters. I can't compete on price alone.

While I am still learning my craft, I am studying other markets and am preparing to go after them. I've researched other VR companies, particularly those that are considered "top-tier," and I am modeling my efforts accordingly. I still have a long way to go, but one thing I learned from being in business (graphic design) for over 14 years, is that whatever product or service you offer, value is the most important thing. If your customer does not recognize the value of what you offer, you are wasting your time.

One thing you can do is find out your customer's selling process and ask them what it costs them to sell one product (presumably a home). How many people do they show a home to before they get a buyer? Then show them how a VR tour can save them time and money in that regard -- if it indeed can.