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help urgent tours are no longer viewable

hi suddenly all of my virtual tours stopped working

check it out:

it loads the preloader and stops just before the end...this happened with too many elements in tw 1.25 but if u kept it simple it run very well.
this tour was done with tw1.25 buuuuuuuutthe funny thing is that tw 1.30 does the same thing....
is this my fault?(i hope so)
If it works in my desktop why doesnt it work on the net?
i have tried it in several computers and the problem stays.
the applet is onlythe viewer and the map NOTHING ELSE it doesnt even have a background nor music, for heavens'sake.

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I'm not sure if this will make any sense to you, but the java console showed me the following errors:

Can't get resource inputstream

Maybe this will help.

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Hola Joaquim

I had once the same problem. Then I discovered, I had a filename with a "german" letter in it, instead "oe" written..

Maybe you have a spanish letter in the filename.

Hope this helps.

regards, Markus Canon 20D / Sigma 8mm / Roundshot VR-Drive
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Be careful that your files names are in lowercase and the html matches. This matters only on a Unix server.

Also check that your web-server hasn't changed from one format to another like Windows to Unix. Some service providers do this when upgrading but fail to tell you about it. This would account for it working online before and not now.

Try renaming the Scene folder to scene.

Regards, Smooth