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Quote: Originally posted by Jorge on October-10-2005

What? Smooth

Are you saing to make the full screen panos the same size as my Java images?


Umm, NO! Who was talking Fullscreen?

If you are sizing for fullscreen then 4000x2000 is the norm and file size between 800kb and 2MB

Regards, Smooth

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Hi Jorge,

I think you did an incredible job.  Are you doing that using the Tourweaver program?  If so, I'd love to pick your brain sometime!  Also, if you have time, I'm having a hard time with hotspots.  Any chance I could get you to help me off the list?



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Hi Pam,

Thanks for the comments.

Yes this was done with TW I would be glad to help just remember I'm just a newbie at this. 

Send me an e-mail 


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Hi Pam,

I'm also happy to help off list. You can drop a personal msg with ur email to me if u so wish. However, it's worth asking ur questions on the forum as many will be willing to help and others will learn by the questions u ask. Don't worry... there is no such thing as a silly question.

Jorge: I am still not perfect with QT, but like Smooth have found that 4000x2000 images convert well to 6-900kb QT files when useing PW4. I also use cubic convertor which has more functionality as well as cubic connector to create QT tours. if ur interested for free trial. I've found this useful for my QT work and it helps me create files without judder, with streaming and tiling to help download issues.

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