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Can map border color be blank?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if you can make the map without a border color?  I went into the config text file in the file and found the map color code but when I deleted the line and played the tour, the map boarder color went to a default of black. Any suggestions?

It's funny that the view does not have a border and the map always has one.

Thanks, Tom
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this is one of the many small but frustrating things about TW which hopefully will be sorted in TW2
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Whilt the map borader can't be blank it can be any colour u want. When I don't want the impresion of the boarder to be there I just let the boarder colour be the colour of my skin. obviously this is a problem if you have somekind of pattening as ur skin. not perfect but does solve the problem most of the time.
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