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Quote: Originally posted by ajay on November-09-2005

Whatever solution is ultimatly introduced regarding the Flash issue, it must take account of the W3C accessibilty standards - certainly in the UK all public sector websites must work to comply with these standards, which effectivly means they will not buy into the Java driven EP products. I guess this is not only a UK issue!


The W3C standards are old and out of date. If this is law in the UK you are out on your own as the standard is not law anywhere that I know of. Standards are great in theory but only if kept up to date and everyone is a party to them. Unfortunately Microsoft went out on their own with Java and didn't stick to the Java standard. Apple do the very same thing with Quicktime and are forever making corrections on new releases. Not to mention their own little tangent in making computers. Java is a world standard and used by just about every bank. It is less dangerous than ActiveX (which is where this program is heading) and unfortunately Adobe/Macromedia haven't been able to project controllable cubes from within Flash only Shockwave.

If the W3C is the standard someone needs to tell Microsoft as they don't comply with even some basic .html tags. These also change all the time to meet different browser requirements because of compatibility issue's.

If by "Public Sector" you mean local Council's and Government Departments. I have seen Java in use on these sites (UK Based).

Is this really "Law" or just your wish for future upgrades?

The world's just not that compliant.

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