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upload TOUR to a web site

i want to create VT for house builders and sell them the project, but how can they upload the project in their websites?

how can i make an autoexecutable  file for CD's?

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1. How to embed tours into website:

First, you shall upload all the published files into the website.

Second, please put all the published files together with the file of the webpage where you want to play tours.

Third, please copy the codes from <a href> to </a> to the codes of webpage where you want to play tours.

2. If you want to burn a tour into CD, you cannot make it by only one executable file. Please do as follows:

First, before you publish, please click on "Generate Files For Autorun CD" in "Publish" panel. After you have published it, you will find a file, named "autorun.inf". Open this
file and you will see "Shellexecute=...html". It means it will automatically run the file, which is after the denotation "=". You can renanme the file after "=" so that you can set down what file it will automatically run.

Second, please burn all the published files to CD.