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3ds Max tour for CAD AEC


I'm looking for some tutorial on how to create a Virtual Tour of CAD AEC using Tourweaver 1.3 and 3ds Max, Autocad . Anybody have a sample scenes or step by step instructions,Please?or how can I download a full Tour scenes so I can play to learn how was put together.I allready e-mail EASYPANO for Help and no answers at all.On Easypano galery they have a Tour in CAD AEC but they have nothing on how to create it.I received a Help from another user to use 3ds Max to import the dwgs and create the panoramas, thanks but is possible to give more detail info with a sample dwg for my trainning?Sorry to ask for so much Guys, Thanks


rick cocchiarale
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Sorry, I have not done this, I just saw that it can be.

Try this link - it is a PDF - I think it tells how to use the newer built in 3ds Max plug in - talks about doing this for QuickTime but I believe that it can output the jpeg's as well:'%2C'pdf'))%3B

I hope that this helps, wish I could be of more help, I'm sorry.


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it might be worth contacting Easypano as they have a few CAD examples in there showcase.
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