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Security features - Tourweaver


I have been using tourweaver pro for around 3 months now.  I noticed recently that one of my clients has been able to change my skin on the Virtual tour I provided them. After investigating I found that when you publish a tour it creates several files, one of them being a ZIP file containing all the graphic files for the skin. So all a customer needs to do is unzip the file change the graphics and re-zip again. Hey presto they have there own logo/look to the skin.  I have raised a record with easypano, however they just say that there is no current fix to this.  Does any one know how I can get round this?.  I appreciate that I could host everything myself, however alot of my customers want all the code for themselves  to load to their own websites.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Steve

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I always change the zip-extension to dsj (from disjo (my companyname)). In the html I also change the extension to dsj.

It loads without problems and your customers don't know instantly that it is a zipfile. Of course it still can be opened by winzip, but your customers don't have to know that .

Any other option isn't available because twviewer.jar doesn't allow encrypted/password-protected zip-files.

Also change the name from skin_ to something else.
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And I think I would revisit the idea of keeping all files on your server, and never release them to the client. I have plenty of clients that request the files and I simply inform them they are copyright protected and must remain on my server. It is the only way I will do business.

You dont see McDonalds handing out a recipe to their Big Mac Sauce with every Mac sold, and I will not be handing out my recipe with every VT sold.