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Mutiple Maps

I am about to work on a major golf course project where I shot 3 - 4 panoramas per hole as well as a number of panoramas within the clubhouse.

In addition to the viewing window, I would like to have a map of the whole golf course with links to each hole embedded in the map.  After clicking on some hole, I would like to have a graphic of that hole appear either in the same location of the opening map or in a different map location in the skin.  I would then like to have links to the various pano areas on that hole.  Is this possible?

I'm sure someone out there has figured out a way to do this.  Maybe clicking on the hole initially will have to trigger another popup. Just thinking out loud

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I know that this issue have been up serveral times.

I know that most people who want serveral maps are making serveral tours, wich then open up in the same window. I just can't find the thread that explains it, but don't worry I am sure somebody else can give you more details. I know that it is very much possible.


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The constraints here are that in TW you can only have one map and one viewer. However, you can fudge around this.
For example, you could insert the map of the course as the tour map with the 18, (or19) links to the holes. These would each link to a particular master pano of the hole. On each of these master panos you could create a link to the secondary panos that you wish to display.
On your map you could link to a 'movie' for each hole, which features the 3/4 panos. You would therefore end up with 18 or so mini movies.
Try and see what works for you