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360 Smooth & 360 Texas ( David )

I first got my Easypano software at the end of December of last year.. ( in fact i lost my user name and password- had to make a new one now / i have not been on the forum here since bout then ) Been busy working, or learning my new equipment.. I just want to send much thanks to 360 Texas- David. He has been there helping me since day one, and so has 360 Smooth, he right from the beginning helped answer questions I had about equipment compatibility.. Lately I have been working on frontpage trying to build a basic web presence, so i can upload my virtual tours directly to my website.. I could not figure out how to get my virtual tours onto my ite at all.. If it was not for David at 360 Texas and the help of 360 Smooth I would not have been able to accomplish this task.. Which if i didn't get this figured out I wouldn't have a business.. Now I can move on and continue growing and learning with the equipment and software, and can now concentrate on my business.. Thank you so much to the both of you gentleman, without either of your help, I would not be here today! I am forever in your debt!

Alana Kim

Las Vegas Virtuals

Alana Lea Kim
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Nice of you to stop by and say thanks Alana.

Glad we could be of assistance.

Regards, Smooth

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Oh, i was moving to tears....

Dave and Smooth are real experts on panorama and photography.

This forum will be more prosperous with more men like them.

Hope Alana will be one of them. We need communication.

Easypano, Inc.
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Alana,  you are welcome.  Glad we could help.  Smooth gave us the real answer.. it was the 'encryption' option that was preventing your imaging being seen on your website.

Drop by here if you need more assistance.  Lots of folks here in this TW forum can help.  Then maybe someday you might have an opportunity to help someone else.

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