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Combination real-phot and CAD-drawing

Hello out there.

A costumer of us wants to genearate a 360 deg. tour with a combined  real-photo and a CAD-drawing. We take the photos with a KAIDAN ONE SHOT. That works pretty good in a size of 400x500. Now our costumer asked us for  a tour of a construction site. He wants to show the frontrow of some buildings. At one point is a lot. They wracked down the old house already. And here he wants to insert the existing CAD-drawing. To shoot a 360 of the house-front is no problem, but how can we combine the flat CAD-drawing with the dounuts-photo of the kaidan optic. Is that possible? And how did the guys produce the CAD-sample on this Easypano-Tourweaver-Side.


Thanks for your help.



Henning Marx