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Twitchy Tour Problem?

Can y'all try clicking on the "launch tours" button and see if the panos seem to twitch as they rotate? They seem to on mine a little bit and I'm not particularly sure why it is occuring.

BTW, the images are of poor quality and composition. I shot the wrong number of images which means I can't effectively stitch them correctly, and had to do with what I have since the house is long since sold. I have since fixed my technique, upgraded my equipment (perfect WB is so nice to have) and love the results, but don't have them on this particular website.

Also, does the explanation I provided on the "viewing the tours" make sense if you were encountering a tour for the first time?

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Tours seem to play twitchy for me as well. It's very noticeable.. I'm hoping the problem goes away once i fiugure out how to publish this darn thing. I get an error saying please select movie... LOl there is no option to select anything on the publish screen... I'm beginnign to wonder if this software was a waste of money. I paid a professional to select it for me. I guess it holds up under light testing but it seem sto start falling apart on loarger tours.