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First big job.. start working 8/12/06

OK this is my first big job at doing virtual tours and it's an interesting one. and it looks like this will be one of the first, that will be self runing. All others are only one picture in a 360 (ipix) So lets see and try to make the best, or better then the others.

Whitewater rafting, not sure about what type of picture, but I will be using all types, 360, pano and still. it will cover from a class 1 to class 3 rapids. including night life and the amenities. I have now about 200 - 300 stills so now I need to get the rest.

I will expect to finishing it in about 3-4 weeks, can only get the pictures on the weekends. When the rafting is going on.

So look out I may have some questons.

All input is welcome.


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Congrats! Keep us posted on your prodress.
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Yes, please show us the results as they happen.

Congratulations on securing the job.

Regards, Smooth

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