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Count me in folks. My company offers virtual tours for all industries throughout Central & South Florida. I am a native of Jamaica and travel quite often to and from the island and offer a complete package for these areas as well. 
BCC Networks & Virtual Tours, Inc.
A Central & South Florida Virtual Tour Service Provider
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Dear Matt

What a great initiative.

You can count me in. I cover Denmark and the southern part of Sweden.


Best regards

Morten Andersen
- a newbie trying to improve
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Hey Matt,

I have had the same idea and even registered the domain name

I get a lot of calls for jobs I am unable to shoot for distance purposes.

So if you get more of a response here and have some ideas for my domain name let me know. My original thoughts were to include a global directory of tour providers in a free/pay arena where as paid members would have a page for advertising that in turn would pay the expenses of the site.

So add me to your list as well.



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Emarts was about to do something simular, see this post. Anyone has any idea how that intiative is going? Btw, you can count me in for Argentina, especially Buenos Aires, and the north/north-east of Holland. (provinces Groningen and Drenthe). I have not much to show yet, but check my site in october, I finally understand my Canon 10D.


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Hi Matthew,


You can sign me in as well.


Im available for commercial, tourism and real-estate work. No action panoramas for this time. I can travel to all corners of the Netherlands.


I disabled al my sites for a redesign, and make a temporary redirect to -. Take a look at this URL for some samples.






Home is where your hard disk is ;)


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Well I cover the heart of Europe does work Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Germany

Regards Markus

Nikon D70s, Sigma 8 mm, 4 to 12 shots, Agnos MrotatorTShort, PTGui, PS CS3, and lots of other software :-)
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Thanks for the effort.  I would like to join your network.  You can see my website at...



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Please count we in too.   I'm UK based but will travel worldwide.  Like many of the others I am mainly focussing on high end commercial.

My website.

Great idea!!


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Great Idea Mathew

Please count me in as well in British Columbia

Alan Reimer


Alan R
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Sounds good Mathew

I am available for any UK Work, we cover Virtual Tours, still photography, Digital web books and a Floor plan service.

website http:/

We are doing a simpler thing in the UK  and have a growing team of VR photographers working for our Private Property Portal Website launched Oct 2006 all in the UK only and are looking to expand it throughout 2007 so if any of you guys would like to join up with us in the UK also only then please e-mail or call me for a chat We are looking for IVPCs (independent virtual property consultants) and need at least one in each county of the UK.also would like to have a couple of guys in Northen Ireland.

Best of luck with the whole idea