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Printable Brochures

Hello:   Does anyone know of an easy way to incorporate printable brochures with my tours.  My clients are starting to ask for them.  One showed me this one as an example:



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The link to the "printable brochure" is just another scaled down webpage. You are just printing a webpage nothing more nothing less. They are using a bit of code to make the printer spring into action.

<form method="post" target="PrintFlyer" style="margin: 6px 0px 6px 0px;" onsubmit="OpenNamedScrollingPopup(this.href,, 610, 400);" action="/FindHome/Brochure.asp?frm=byxmls&amp;xlid=1059177290&amp;lnksrc=00029&amp;poe=realtor"><input type="submit" class="btnSm" style="width: 115px" value="Printable Brochure"><br></form>

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