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navigation bars

Is there a way to get a full navigation bar to show up using tourweaver (like the ones in the gallery). I can only find the individual buttons and it is a little annoying trying to line them all up each time I do a tour. I hope this question makes sense. Thanks for the help.
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I don't think the is a way to make the full navigation in one go but...
If you keep all your buttons the same size in height then you can line them up perfectly vertically using the location number in the button properties panel on the right hand side.
If they are all the same size in width then you just need to make the same distance in the 'x' box between each button. ie the first button is 10 for example then the next one is 30 then the 3rd one should be 50 etc etc.

We usually design a navigation bar in photoshop then slice it up into equal parts. then when we come to put it together in TW the buttons fit together much easier and align up quicker.

hope this helps.