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Tour does not load

a client of us has problems to publish a tour in his site. As CMS he uses Typo3. The problem is the following:
When you want to open the tour in the net only the starting window appears, but no photos!!!
Now my questions:
1. Do you know about any problems concerning the cooperation of tourveaver and Typo3???
2. Does it depend on the Java-version?
3. Can I generally generate tours without Java?
4. How can I generate an independant running exe-tour?
Please let me know asap. I am looking forward...

Henning Marx
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Hi, I have the same problem. Help anybody helpme Please!!!!!!!!!!
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Without pointing us to the inoperable tours it is near on impossible to offer any assistance.

It is all pretty basic stuff but you MUST keep the file structure in place "or" adjust the paths in the Config.txt file contained within the and corresponding html files.

Regards, Smooth

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A couple of hosting issues can occur...

If you are publishing your tourweaver tours with the "Copyright Protection by Image Encryption" box checked, Then the images are published as .js files instead of .jpg... Not all servers will display the images like that - So, if you are using that option, try unchecking that box, republish and re upload and see if that is the problem...

We have experienced some other hosting issues with our tourweaver tours as well - I used to host everything with linux server and the java applets would fail from time to time and the tour would not load - I switched to, and I have not had this problem since AND my tours load faster now...
Will Best
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