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Image coorection with Aperture

I fell in love with Apple Aperture for color correcting my static images.

Thinking I was now King of Color, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness correcting, I went ahead and corrected 120 pictures using Aperture (a couple of hours of work), without testing the results other than loading a couple of images in TW to see the color result, which were good in my taste.

My problem is that when came time to assemble the final tours in Tourviewer, I realized that Aperture does not do correction evenly accross the whole image.  This leaves a very apparent vertical line at the junction of the left-right side of the image


Any tips would be appreciated.   I really liked how Aperture enables the possibility of keeping multiple versions of each image and how it allows me to maintain a 5000 picture catalog.

Does anyone know why Aperture would do this.  I have corrected many imges in Photoshop without this result.   How are they different ?



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