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This is obviously a decision that they have made to gain some free advertisement. If they want us to advertise their products for them then they should start an affiliate program and pay us a commission for the sales we bring, don't you think?

During the beta we all asked for the ability to enable or disable the full screen viewing - And in the final release they gave us this option. Seems as if correcting this right click help like would be just as easy to fix.

The part that is really aggravating is that there are only about 15 of us here complaining about it in the forum while many will purchase the pro version of TW2 and never speak up about it.

Even more aggravating yet is the fact that their HELP link isn't even HELPFUL - At all really.

Let's be real here, it starts out as nothing more than an advertisement that means absolutely nothing to the average virtual tour viewer:

"Easyapno(*NOTE that they misspelled their OWN name*) virtual tour player is the new player for Java with following new features:

    * High resolution images as 8000*4000 are supported
    * Be able to switch to full screen mode for viewing
    * Streaming loading is supported"
Who cares if they are looking for help? - This is NOT helpful

Look a little further:
    * Right click on the viewer: Select quality and full screen mode from the menu -
    * Double click on the viewer: Stitch(*Stitch, Really?*) between full screen/ normal mode (*What's normal if you are having trouble viewing the tour in the first place?*)
    * Click on navigation buttons: Pan/ tile the view and zoom in/out (*PLEASE somebody tell me what in the world this means?*)

Personally (and putting myself in the average viewers shoes) if I ran across a tour and accessed this help page, I would be disappointed in both the tour provider and Easypano because the page is not at all helpful or well put together.

I could go on to further criticize their page, but the point is that we should have control over the link!

It is pretty funny that they misspelled their own name... Worth a good laugh maybe - Check it out.

Will Best
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The feedback we are getting.

Not possible to remove

Removing in Pro Version

Not removing at all

Is very disturbing. I have not bought the software because of this reason.

Regards Markus

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I waitting for this new version for a year but I do not bought it untill this matter have been fix too.