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My sound won't play either.

I've allowed pop-ups from my site and still no sound.

Where can I find specific instructions with regards to which files go where on my web server?  I want to make sure I'm uploaded correctlly.



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Hi Joe, Thanks for the reply.

With or without pop-ups blocked, there is no sound.

I have published a tour using Tourweaver 1.30 (.au file) and that works fine, but nothing with Tourweaver 2.0.

I have tried it on both my portable and my desk top pc, the same results in both cases. Shame, everything else with Tourweaver 2.0 looks good. Any ideas?

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Hi, all

I also have some problems myself with sound in TW 2.0 Please read my topic "Sound in TW2.0" and tell me here or there if this happens to you too.


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I too have no sound with Movies or Tours!

I have tried with IE and Firefox. It does not work in either!!!

Please help!