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Help When Right Click!

Dear customers,

As to the problem of Help when right click, I will collect all the feedbacks from you and send them to my superiors and I think they will have a second thought. Easypano is going on holidays until Feb.25th, so I can't do anything only wait as most of you for the response from my superiors. Thank you for your patience and your appreciation of Tourweaver2.0.

One more thing I like to mention is that your questions sometimes can't be answered immediately because I am the only one on duty. Thank you.

Best Regard,

Joe Rao

Easypano Holdings Inc.
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I would like to upgrade to TW2,but I wont buy until the help feature is fixed! I payed almost $600 for TW1.3pro so i can use my own branding . and now Easy Pano want $200 for us to upgrade to TW2, and i cant make 100% branded tours.Thats very disappointing and unprofessional.
Change this and listen to your customers or lose your customers!
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I won't buy panoweaver until it gets some blending and I wont buy tourweaver until this help thing is gone. Actually Im getting real tired of posting the same complaints over and over, I'm here to give back to the forum what I got from it by helping people. EasyPano needs to read thru all these posts and listen to their customers. Last time EasyPano! My money stays in my bank until these changes are made, and when you see all those helping here get mad and leave - youll really be in trouble!

@Joe, I understand your new there? Pay attention to how your superiors handle this, it will be a clue for you to start looking for a new job.

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Dear Easypano team,
untill now (TW 1.3) I could make my own help file. Now, I can not imagine how my clients, for who the Java installation is sometimes a big deal, would study your "HELP PAGE" . Besides that, my help files were done in my native language -

Please give us back this ability in unbranded pro version of sw. : let us, your customers, choose what should be there...

Thank You very much!
Mgr. Igor Socha - BRAHMA VISION, Slovakia
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I wont upgrade to TW2 until the help link is deleted or changed.

If not, i will search another pano software.


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I was also considering purchasing TW2.0 but will not until the help link is deleted or changed. 

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Hi Joe

It is nice to hear that someone at Easypano is listening to the customers.

Now every body. Lets help Joe Rao put some preasure on his superiors. Everybody who is not satisfied with the "right click" problem. Please acknowlede it in here and let Joe have a looooooong list to give to his superiors


Best regards

Morten Andersen
- a newbie trying to improve
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I agree with the customers here!
We are paying big dollars for a branded product. Please remove the Easypano advertisement!!!

This is not professional!

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I expressed it in a mail already, but maybe this is the right place to do so as well.

Please remove the Easypano link.

BTW: A link to something "Easy..." sounds good to us producers who shall use this product, but not to our customers whom we try to convince about the quality and worth of our product. Don't let us pay a professional price to let our service seem easy going.

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If the product is not professional and brand free in every way I will not recommend it. In fact I personally will go out of my way telling people to avoid it all together.

If Tourweaver stays branded and un-professional, I will have to work with other developers to help produce a product that will do what customers expect from a "PRO" product.

REMOVE the branding and be honorable to your loyal customers. It is very poor form to take something away from a product on a supposed upgrade. 

Customer relations of late have been very poor and certain things I feel are being taken for granted. 

Regards, Smooth

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I would prefer that the Help link be renamed to 'About this software'.  The Help link could be kept so long as we have control over where "Help" goes. Let us dictate what the URL goes to.  A 'user-defined' field (and label) would be nice too.

As far as the right-click menu in general, I would like to see where each menu option can be displayed or not, including the 'About' link I just proposed.  When a new tour is created each time it can simply display the 'About' link by default.  Then we can make the call to display it or not. 

I understand Easypano's decision to have some linkage back to their site and I do see value in that.  But keep in mind too that a precedent was already set in to motion for years now that your customer base has come to expect.  To all of a sudden force the linkage upon future software products is not sensitive to customer expectations.  Remember, we are your customers and we have customers that we must answer to as well.  Some of us have contracts or atleast customer expectations that may have been established over time and may find it hard-pressed to sale our customer that a 'no external links' policy in the tours they paid for is no longer an option.

Just something to think about.