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I tested your tour and the sound is working. So then I downloaded your tour and placed it on my Unix server and the "sound" does not work from my server.

I understand what you are saying by making a "new movie" and attaching the sound to it and it was something that I hadn't tried. Unfortunately it is not the answer (at least on my server)

I will test some more later, I had enough for the moment!

Regards, Smooth

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I guess I may be one of the lucky ones.  I hesitate to mention my hosting company because of problems in the past.  Having said that, it is (unix). 

Notes to mention: I observed the fact the mp3 I am using did not start to play until it was fully downloaded. (not streaming).  And I also observed that the movie will start playing regardless whether the first image is downloaded or the music is downloaded.  If the music is downloading at the same time the first image is being downloaded then the first image (300kb) may not appear at all until have way through the pan.  The music may not start playing until after that! 

I have a somewhat slow high speed connection of about 300kbps down.

I suggest visiting the idea of having an additional checkbox on the publishing page that gives a person the option of  not allowing movie start until first image is downloaded.  Or something of that nature.  I understand that it delays the start of the movie but that is better than users seeing a grid or a blurry image and scratching their head.
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The loading bar at the begining is supposed to pre-load it, thats its purpose. Pre-load means loading before playing, so the users experience is a good one. Well it seems that the preloader is all smoke and mirrors - Trickery-Dickery-Doo if you know what I mean, it doesnt work along with many other features unfortunately.

I have been messing with this software for a long time, been waiting for new versions, bug fixes - its just wait, wait, wait. Heres the good news - I might be able to get rich off the intrest I make by keeping the cost of this stuff in my bank, I'm starting to refer to it as my retirement account!

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I'm with you RoadKill... We really need to see a new version of TW2 fast - Dumb me, I started using TW2 for real estate tours and I am now coming to regret it very quickly. My assistant builds the tours in TW for me with by adding the floor plan, panos, stills and making a nice interactive tour complete with radars/compass and hotspots galore... The bad news is that she saves these for me and I look them over before they are published and sometimes the saved tour files go corrupt and we have to start all over...
Not only that, customers are complaining that tours are randomly stopping here and there, they are slower than TW1.3, TW1.3 tours loaded better on low-speed connections...
TW1.3 really had its own issues, but at least they were predictable - I know what will work and what wont in TW1.3 - But TW2 seems to play a different story and its actions are very unpredictable... Really too bad, because with the new TW2 feature set and the new ease of use, the product could be untouchable and perfect... Why doesn't Easypano see this?
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I went to Bestbuy and tried to run Tourweaver 2 samples from eaaspano website on several Vista machines after installing java and they all hanged. It looks like TW2 tours are not going to run in fullscreen mode on Vista machines. I am going to try a few more machines.
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