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TW2 - Pan-TILT-FOV settings bug - HELP

I bought TW2.0 for multimap functionality but now I can't deliver tours because the Initial - Min - Max settings are all messed up.

When I try to modify the settings, the changed wont show in the preview panel or the glider simply wont move.   To see the changes I have to go to another scene and come back to original scene, then SOMETIMES, then changes will show.

Anyone been able to get around this.   I have 15 Tours (with Multimap) to deliver in the next 10 days and this is a major setback.

Logged a bug request to Easypano and no reply...   This is bad.

Stupid Stupid Stupid guy who should stop buying DoT Zero software.

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Same thing here... Try making a partial panorama. I have not been able to yet.

We are using spherical panos without top and bottom and rely on TW to limit the FOV. In TW1.3 setting the tilts at -17 & 17 would work, but found that things are a little backwards in TW2 where tilt values of -60 & 60 produce the exact same effect.

As for partial panos, I tried this just as I would have in TW1.3 and the result was a shaky pano that barely moved at all.

There are several bugs including this one that I have noticed, but to properly document them so that they can fix them you should really include a sample and I just haven't had time to do that yet.
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We are testing the issue, and trying to work out a solution on the problem. When the solution is out, I will inform you of it.
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