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TW2 File Compression

One major issue which I have is with file compression.  There is a fine line between resolution and bandwidth consumption and I normally like to dictate the level of compression by individual image through photoshop.  With TW2, compression is uniform across the whole project and it is not possible to adjust this for individual photos as opposed to TW1 which allowed for this user control.  If I reduce a file size to 200 kb in photoshop, it will be rendered at over 400 kb by TW2 during publishing and it seems to matter little, if I use the high or low setting.  This is counter productive as you end up with a large file size but an image which has gone through two compression treatements with the consequent degradation.

Apparently this happens during the encription process from jpeg to jpe format.  It was not an issue with TW1.3 whether encription was selected or not.  If there is no work around for this it would be better to eliminate the encription altogether and just allow for direct input of photoshop images before or after publishing.  Ultimately, compression is a good idea but it has to work well and there has to be room for user input.  High, Low and "random" is not enough.

I really like the overall product.  I have paid for the upgrade and have a number of partially completed projects in progress but I will not be publishing until this issue is resolved so I hope it will happen soon.



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Very well put. I am very pleased with the fine tuning EasyPano has done since the original release date and the assistance we are getting from Joe. Hopefully, compression issues are on the priority list.
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Make sure that you are sending a bug report or an email to Easypano regarding this issue so that it is being constantly brought to their attention as just posting it here is not enough - If enough people send bug reports and feature requests about the same thing to them they will likely fix it.

In the beta release we complained about the compression setting and the .vt format of the images so they changed it - Unfortunately, it looks like their first alternative is probably no better an maybe worse?

However, I am confident that if we continue to fill their support requests inbox and email inbox full of the similar request, that they will quickly provide a solution!
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