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min. max. tilt

Hello. Is it me or have I found a bug?

I use TW2.0.
When I set min. and max. tilt for a scene I can't look straight down?
I have set max:75 and min:-90.

If the setings are max:90 and min:-90 I can look straight up and straight down??
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I opened a Bug request to Easypano on this and they closed, while saying that they knew about the rpoblem and were working on the fix...

Is it me or should they close the ticket after things are fixed ?

I have a ton of multimap tours to deliver for a RESORT and they Easypano can't even tell me when this will be ready.   I'm currently redoing the tours in 1.30 and going multitour.

Please EASYPANO -  tell me when this will be fixed.

For other co-TW2 users  - Are you experementing the same problems in setting TILT and FOV ?    When I setup mine on some scenes, they look ok but when I go to another scene and come back to the scene I just did, the settings are all messed up and I can't even access some of the gliders to change them back to the good setings.    I wish it where something wrong I was doing....

 SMOOTH... any  of your usual enlightened input on this ?

Thanks all


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You should be setting these (tilt and fov) possible in a "new" movie. I haven't tested this at this stage. I've got so much on at the moment I test when I get some spare time. I would seem to me that this would need to be adjusted in a new movie and possibly in the normal states as well. Like I said I'm just stabbing in the dark at this point.

Regards, Smooth

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Not just you - There have been several post here about this - I have issues with it myself - You can get around it if you play with it enough - I have still yet to display just a portion of a pano (limit left & right movement).

Please send a bug report or email to Easypano as the only way that we will get them to fix this 'bug' is to continue to 'bug' them about it!
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