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linking 2 tours

is this how i would link 2 tours or is there a easier way to do this. what i did was make 2 tours. then uploaded the first one.and wrote down the link.then made the second tour with the link to the first one it.then uploaded the 2nd tour.Then i had to go back to the first tour and change it so i could put the link of the 2nd tour on the first tour.Then reupload to the same file dir.
somewhat confusing. Is there a easier way to do this.
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Hi Daugaard

I have once made a tour for a furniture store in Denmark. They had 2 different stores I had to make a tour of. I put both tours in the same skin / window.

You can see it at - look under the menu "produkter" In the left yellow box just click the last image and it will open.

When you launch the tour you can choose the store to see by clicking one of the green buttons in the top left and right corner of the skin.

That is an other way to do it. I hope you can use my example.


Best regards

Morten Andersen
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