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newbie in need of help

I have finished my tour and published it with the auto run and everything, now I want to email it to someone for approval.  I had emailed support and they said just send them all of the files.  The problem is which ones do they open first because some of them won't even open. And is there a way to burn them on a dvd and have them just run automatically, so a builder can play them on a tv in their sales office? And why is it that when I unwarp the pictures in Photowarp they come out beautiful but when I put the same ones in Tourweaver they come out pixelated?
Lisa Boff
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if you want to send an email for approval just upload the tour to your server and give them the link. or just place all the published files in a zip folder and email it that way.then tell then to open the tourviewer file to view. maby reword you question,cause i didn't realy understand what you were asking.
       the only way you can publish to a dvd for a dvd player is by using tourweaver 2.0.
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