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Vista & IE7

Hi Everyone

I have started a big job for a local council and want to get everything right. It is based on MS mapping and TW tours. I have tested the tours in IE6, IE7 and firefox2 on various PC's and laptops running XP and all seems to be working. However....I got a new laptop last week with Vista. After successfully loading Java I treid to view the tours. Some 1/2 work (eg running the first scene then stopping and cant select new scene in combo box) and some get stuck on the loading bar. By the way they are all made with TW 1.3.

Could anyone on here with vista take a look and let me know if its just my machine or all vista machines. Many thanks in advance
Heres the link tourism


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I have tested it on OSX and it does not work in Safari but it work in Firefox :)
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Works fine on my Vista machine - IE 7 - unless there is supposed to be sound, if so, I don't hear any, but I don't think you've included sound.

Looks good!

I've been creating all of my tours with TW 2.0 on a Vista machine.  All of my tours seem to work well, although the first scene always starts spinning before fully loaded, so it spins real fast for a second before slowing down.  I think that's  a TW 2.0 problem.