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Waiting for 2.1

I was about to buy TW 2.0

But after reading the sticky posts

New Tourweaver 2.0
New Tourweaver 2.0
New Tourweaver 2.0
New Tourweaver 2.0

I'm not so sure any more. Are the fixes making everything worth.

Any chance there will be a setifactory 2.1 in the near futrue?

OK it's retorical but could EA confirm weather the have bugs to fix and are willing to do so, or is TW just not stable?

Regards Markus

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Nothing is perfect. Our programers are trying to make Tourweaver2.0 better. I think Tourweaver2.01 or other will come out in June.
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I still am enjoying the new version.

We are making tours with it and they look great. It has taken some time to learn the ins and outs of the app and to work around some issues. At first I thought I might go back and forth between 1.3 and 2.0. No chance, I have not looked at 1.3 in months. 2.0 is much better once you become familiar with the layout. There is so much more you can do and control, I won't go back - even with the bugs I am creating better looking and better working tours with 2.0.

For example the stream loading issue was bugging us as well. But we slowed down the rotation (default 20) to 10 or less and it make the viewing experience better. Less chance of blur from stream loading.

I still hit bugs every now and then, but I feel comfortable Easypano is working on this to make a great app. New version releases are alway tough. At least they are still very engaged in our conversations and wish to improve.