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Although this is not directly related to panos, I know that many of you out there can offer excellent advise.  I am creating a small website for a client.  Not only will this include their tours that I will upload, but it will also include photos and descriptions that they would like to change on their own.  I told them that presently, I do not know how to create such an interface and so...they asked that I research it.  I just started using Dreamweaver (and not loving it.)...does anyone know which would be the best route to take to create this.  I am reading about all these different options and it's a bit overwhelming.  The option that keeps popping up is PHP...your thoughts would be appreciated.
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Take a look at Joomla (

It's a complete CMS (Content Management System), but well suited for smaller website.
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If you are talking about a real estate website then look around for a real estate script... there are a lot out there to choose from and even if it's not for real estate, you could probably find something that you could customize - Easier than starting from scratch...

PHP is not a database, it is a web programming language that will interact with a database such as mysql. PHP & MySQL are probably the most widely used web technologies for creating and interacting with a database. If you are not much of a programmer, then you would be best off to hire someone or look for a ready-made script. You must also host the website on a server that can handle the technology that you are going to use. PHP must be installed on the server for PHP web applications to run and MySQL must be installed on the server to create MySQL databases and etc... Most shared hosting plans are on a linux server and will include these.
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I do my own programming and have looked at many CMS system on the market and have always come back to programming my own stuff.

Here is why

- Open Source CMS are very powerfull now. They have lots and lots of functionallty- And therefore are sometimes a bit hard to learn/understand

- Open Source makes you dependend of developers.

- Wide spread makes it interesting for hackers, so many patches will come up which you should implement - ore upgrade. Compatability issue

- So I have created many sites for clients on a very simple basis - Ok its still some programming behind it but it custom fit. My CMS are tailerd to the need of the customers.

So what is my advice here.

Find out exactely what the client needs

- check out a open source CMS System to see if it fits
- or have any programmer (not me) build a simple CMS for your clients needs

I use the components. have a look at for a simple example how my customers edit page content.

Regards Markus

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