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Quote: Originally posted by smooth on May-27-2007

The first "helper" is the one to delete. (it serves no purpose) except to offer up the code required to page into a pre-existing web page that you want to launch a "sized" window. (if in fact you feel this is needed).

Regards, Smooth

Hi, Smooth!

You taught us the use of AutorunMax and the way to burn to CD. Is there a way in one or both cases to get exactly what the "helper html" is for. What I mean is if there is a way to tell the autorun to open a sized window and not the classic IE window with all the toolbars and so on. I was praticing after you told me how to, with the AutorunMax . Clicking on the thumbnail will open a sized window. Using instead the other html opens the IE at its full size. I hope I get myself understood.

Regards, Martin