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3 Bugs. Hotspot / Loading / Pan,Tilt

Any ideas?  Your comments appreciated:

I have three problems with TourWeaver 2.00.070529

Problem 1:  I added a HOT SPOT to various Scenes.  After the Virtual Tour is published, the Hot Spots spin independently of the scene.  In other words, the Hot Spot is not static.  I believe that the Hot Spot should NOT move.  It should be anchored to the position that I place it.  CHECK THIS ONE BY USING YOUR MOUSE TO MOVE AROUND THE ROOM FOR A FEW MOMENTS.  CLICK AND DRAG THE MOUSE.
Problem 2:  I am using Cylindrical Scenes.  I have placed the values for PAN INITIAL, TILT INITIAL, and FOV INITIAL to be a specific value.  However, when I publish or preview the Virtual Tour, the scene is not set to the values I selected.
Problem 3:  When customers click the link to my Virtual Tours, they LOAD SLOWLY...  They take a long time to load, even connected to a high speed DSL line.  Why is it so slow?

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I'm struggling like pauldecarlo, especially the fact that the program DOES NOT follow the scene instructions I put into the movie, it simply runs the slideshow, no matter how many movies I make of it. I tried copying the slideshow and pasting it into a blank movie, then readjusting the scene times-no go, the program still insisted on running the preview based on the timing in the original slideshow. This is really infuriating and i can't build a sellable tour unless Easypano fixes this asap.
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Woody, see reply in your other thread.
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Trying to answer problem 2:
If you choose initial values of a pano under properties tab of each pano, those values will only be recongized by the original "slide show". Then when you play that slide show under "movie rec" or under preview, the values remains the same, during the whole pano. At least the fov and tilt, of course not the Pan values. Now under the original "slide show" movie you can not change northing from each pano or still. the original slide show contains all the panos and stills you want to show in your movie or tour. to adjust values and actions of each pano or stuill, you have to make a copy or create a new movie. That for you have to right click the slide show, copy and then pastein. Result: "copy of slide show" ( 1 or 2 or 3 depends on how much copies you make) now under "movie rec" you can change settings and values of each pano. To do so you have to do it in the timeline, where the frames containing those values are. Each frame contains values. Lets say frame one imported or copied from "slide show" will have the same original values. Now select (click on) frame one and change the values. That value will now be your new initial settings of the pano. The transition betweern values of frame one and the next frame, makes the action, movement of the pano. Zoom in, pan, or tilt in any direction will be indicated by those values. Remember each time you will the pano perform an other action you have to insert an new frame and set new values. You can insertt as many frames as you will or the sapce allows. You also have another instrument which allows you to indicate the direction. Auto, clockwise or anticlockwise. Now to see in preview all your changes and settings of these your movie you have to set it under "default" in the "publish settings" under HTML tab. There choose the default movie or copy of slideshow you want to publish or preview.
Well, I hope this helps. If not cleear enough let me know and I will keep on trying. My english might not to be as well as required for this kind of explanations.

Good luck and regards, Martin

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I too experienced the problem with the hotspots moving and initial scene values. I have yet to find a solution to either of those problems. Hopefully someone else has figured out a fix on here.

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Problem 3 I had this problem for a while. I would make every file as small as possible. and the tours still took forever to load. I was going nuts trying to figure it out. and losing business because of it. Finally I called my website provider and realized there servers were to slow. I made an immediate switch to another company and Wha La my tours loaded in under 5 sec. They still load a little slow on dial up, but I can't really control that. I have a cable high speed connection and you tours loaded in under 5 secs for me. Call up some local website providers and see if you can test out your tours on there servers.
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Re: Problem 2 Although I am experiencing no problems with "initial" limits for Pan, Tilt, and FOV, Easypano acknowledges a problem with Min and Max Tilt limits. The problem is with alogrithm used in Tourweaver 2.0 to set those limits. Until it is corrected, be aware that if you set a Max Tilt (upward rotation) limit, the algorithm also restricts your Min Tilt (downward rotation).
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