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what's the flash hype

I just don't get it.

Why the hype for flash. Its not like 50% users have Java installed and 99% flash. They more ore less equal.

I never bought 2.0 (lucky me) because I could time it of. But what I am afraid of is that 3.0 is nothing more then a buggy 2.0 with flash capability.

What I want to see is a list of improvments over 2.0. I don't care what flash will bring. I want a version 2.5 that has all the fixes in it and lots of improvment.

We have a building near buy that has 10 rules painted on it for sucessfull work.

One rule is: Do one thing at the time.

So Please fix 2.0 befor you release 3.0 and if you relase 3.0 fix all the bugs from 2.0 (don't just add new once)

For all those who bought 2.0 I really feel sorry that they would have to pay for a upgrade if there wont be a 2.5. On the other hand an upgrade might just brings you flash and with flash more bugs and more headaches. So you might as well stay with 2.0 and hope that there will be a 2.1 version with fixes.

It would be bad company policy to force users to upgrade to a new product (with some dont even want - flash) just to get bugfixes.

That's just my thoughs.

I am more then happy to buy 2.1 with the fixes and forget about the flash hype.


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Regarding the building with 10 success rules.  Please tell us what they are.

1. 2. etc

Then we will see if they apply to our business ethic.

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Going the flash way is not a "trend way".
Flash devt is way more stable and trouble free than javascript solution. Flash can cope with more complex actions without freezing your computer. Getting animation or sound in a flash appli is OK but with javascript it's a nightmare in term of executing the application.You rarely get a flash application which does not execute correctly (but for the computer requirements) The complains about TW2.0 (java) could be solved by a flash version since it generates less troubles on execution.
That's why I hope easypano releases a smooth TW3 flash version.
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According to Google Analytics, 100% of my website visitors over the last 6 months have Java - 98% have some version of flash - only about 75% have flash 9.x

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I've recently made real estate tours running panos with Java by default with a Flash version available. Acording to my server stats, virtually no one has gone with the Flash versions. Have to assume that the vast majority of people who want to regularly view virtual tours already have java. Suspect that those who do not want to download Java are just as reluctant to download Flash or probably any other player etc. Had hoped that the mere 1mB download for Flash 9 might have tempted more people that don't have java. Perhaps we can never reach such people.

Just some thoughts



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If you consider regular websites which don't have vr has main interest, they mostly rely on flash to have animation or video which is becoming more popular.

For example for video, you usually go either the quicktime (due to h264 quality) or the flash way.

The requirements for those websites will in the long run make the flash player an obvious choice. The rule for most of the website is to use css stylesheet, light code, ajax for web 2.0 interactivity and flash to add animation.

Until now most of the VR website were using javascript. People will get flash player not because of the VR but to have through multimedia possibilities.