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Vertical Scan line in Viewing window

On a demo tour I built for one of my customers, there is a Vertical scan line right in the middle of the Viewer window as the images go by automatically.

You see it better when it goes over dark parts of the image.

If you drag the image on your own, the line is not there

Is there something special that I should know about ?

I tried the tour in Internet explorer 7 with latest Java  and it does same on my Macbook in Safari.

Easypano support tells me that they can't see problem in using Firefox

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I have never seen that before, but I do see it in your tour using IE7 and FF with Java 1.6.0_02-b06.

The line was still present when I controlled the movie manually as well.


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I can tell you that I see that SOMETIMES on my tours as well... It's not that bad, but it is annoying for a perfectionist. I have yet to figure out what causes that, but it seems that with some skins it does that and some it does not? I'm using TW2 by the way - I never saw that line in a TW1.3 tour.
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I have seen it now too.  I just check my stock of diffrent tours and it looks like it only happens on some.  So my best guys is this is caused by a specific version on TW2.0. 
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Hi !!!

Has anybody an answer about this, or experienced something similar. Unfortunately, the link is not available anymore. If necessary I will post one, with this problem.

Regards, Martin