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Loading time

hi, we are planning a big (several hundred fotos) tour with tourweaver 2.0. can anybody tell us something about the loadingtime? The complete tour may reach 100 mb or something like that. now our question: does the whole tour (100 mb) load at once or do the several pictures load on demand (one by one)? that is important for planning the tour. nowbody is willing to wait for 100 mb, especially if you have a  lousy line. 

henning marx

thanks a lot

Henning Marx
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I think you would be better to... separate [read branch your tours from a main page] to about 25 small page tours of 4 mb each. 

A person viewing your 100mb with a 384kbps connection would have to start the loading process today.. return tomorrow to see the imaging.  Can you imagine how that would work with a visitor with 56kb dial up connection - not.

1024 kb = 1 mb.  Dial up connection 1024kb /56kbps = 18 minutes

18 minutes x 100= ??

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I think it would load in the background. But after reading some coments of people having to rebuild the tour from scratch when tw 2.0 crashed, you might want to look at other possibilities.

Even if they do not offer a 10th of TW. But less might be more at the end.

Regards Markus

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