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Some 3.0 issues I've noticed

Hello Forum,

   Well I must say I let that Aug 10th deadline sorta slip by. I haven't actually been successful at creating a finished tour on my system as of yet. Using ver. 2.0 that is. I had seen some improvements with 3.0 but also encountering some of the same bugs.

  1). In 2.0 I tried a combo box. When previewing the tour and selecting the drop down arrow or carrot to view the scene title choices it did not open the list and instead it would shoot to the left side of the viewer screen. Yes literally move from its placed spot on the skin to another area of the viewer. The issue seems to have been corrected in 3.0...... but my scene titles are now displayed truncated in the first line of the list.  see illustration below:

 Well scratch the illustrations I guess. To add an image apparently it has to have been published to the web and have a URL Sorry. I can't go to that extent here.

  2). When playing back movie1 off the time-line in 2.0 that included scripted zooms that occur in my scenes after the dissolves all would play back fine according to the time line. Once again when previewing the tour the transitions and the zooms would occur as scripted, but the scene would spin for a sort period of time and then freeze for the remainder of its duration then a transition would occur for the next scripted scene the zoom, spin a little then freeze once again for the remainder of its duration.

   In 3.0 this seems to have been fixed .....but for some reason I'll preview my scripted movie off the time line and of course it plays as it should. Then I preview the tour and the transitions mostly occur correctly then I'll come to a scene that my scripted move or zoom  is skipped, the scene then spins twice or three times as fast from initial view to initial view for the duration of what I'm assuming I set the zoom out duration effect for, and then starts the normal spin in the direction and rate I have set.

   I have noticed from 2.0 I used to experience while manually panning some ripping or tearing of scene images, like there was a rolling horizontal seam in the pano that was not actually a stitching error and at times some white flashes. Also discussed in previous threads.

  In 3.0 this seems to have been addressed but I notice now those same images look very clear and crisp when still but take on a shimmery or sparkly texture as one pans through a scene. If you look real close the effect I see is almost of an aliasing that occurs and I think I can at times actually see little blocks like stair steps as the image pans. This may be do do to the way my video card updates the images as I had also read in previous threads.

  A wish list of sorts:

       1).  For me personally  the ability to complete just one tour using this software that works and functions as the manual and or directions say it will. That would truly be a happy day for me!

        2). When placing a map image that is larger than the viewer window it would be nice to be able to set some x and y coordinates and a zoom level or FOV of the 2D image sort of an "initial view" as it were of ones map image. This is because when one places hot spot icons on an extremely large map image, and you choose under the map viewers properties "best fit" multiple hot spots become too small and over lap each other, when the entire image is fitted into the map window. On the other hand if you choose "actual size" the default or initial view of your map image is the upper left hand corner of the image and not the initial area of the map  you may want to focus the users attention on. Hence being able to set those values would be nice

   More on the map window. I noticed that even though I had not set any interaction between my map window and any scenes, that if I clicked on, around or in the map window, it would stop my auto movie from playing. This as if I just  left clicked in the scene viewer. Unless there is an action associated with a hot spot on my map, just scrolling around should not interrupt or stop my walk through movie.

That's all I have for now!