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Photography for Sale?

I know this isnt the appropriate forum to ask this but most of people that have helped me along the way seem to convene here - so here goes.  I am at the point where I've spent more time learning how to code for Flash, SPi-V and Immervision and in that time, I haven't taken a single picture.  I have templates that need to be filled with some nice photography.  I am willing to pay for high quality spherical images. 

So heres my pitch.  If any of you have work that you would like to sell, I'd love to hear from you.  Send me a link or something so I can get an idea of what you are willing to sell as well as how much you'd charge.  I'm not looking to take credit for your work, if you'd like, I could have a pop-up window within the panoramic  viewer crediting you.  Maybe you have work that never found a place on your site, or work that you simply shot for fun whatever it may be I'd love to pay to use it to fill my templates. 

You can reach me here; or you can send me a PM.

Thanks for reading!


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Hi Robert

I will gladly help you any way I can. You are welcome to use any of my panoramas with no obligation - just let me know.

Most of my tours you'll find at my web page here 

A few of my most recent full screen panoramas can be found here:

Best regards


Best regards

Morten Andersen
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