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TW1.3 to TW3

HI Everyone

I am an avid 1.3 user for the last few years but I have held off upgrading to 2.0 because of the bugs etc.
I now note that 3.0 is oficially out and have a few questions.
Mainly - can TW3.0 output java as well as flash as I would still like java compatability and flash as an option. The online help is a little unclear in that some bits say it does both, others say flash?

Also have the major bugs been fixed so it is usable and the tours working sufficiently well to be able to replace 1.3 and sell the tours commercially?

I have a few big tours coming up and am undecided whether to carry on with1.3 for now and stick with what I know or upgrade and hopefully get the better functions?

Any help greatly received.


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Hi Crafty

I have only had a quick go at the new tw3. But I can tell you that it is possible to publish as both java and flash.

I have not yet tested enough to know if the bugs have been fixed, but I really hope they have!! Otherwise the software is useless to use for commercial purposes. 

You can see the same tour as a tw1.3 file and as a tw3 file here  

Best regards


Best regards

Morten Andersen
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Yes you can output in Java and Flash. I tried the flash and was very disappointed with it. I'm not techie enough to explain all of the problems I had. So I published a tour in 3.0 Java and I am very satisfied at this point. But I have only used it once. Hope you tech savey guys (and gals) can help them figure it out.
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