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TW3 - Java works, quicktime fails

Hello all.

Need some quick advice.  I have been using 1.3 and 2.0 TW, and now am having a crack at TW3.  I successfully build a tour working perfectly in java, but the tour does not work in Flash (hotspots do not work when clicked)  

Just the same in full screen flash mode, the map hot spots do not work their either.  Strange, the java one works fine, but the flash one fails.

Anyone having this problem?  Or, as per usual, am I just stupidly over looking something simple.

FYI  - still images are 600x400,  80k,  panos around 2000 x1000 at 600k.



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Hi Todd

I think I know how to fix your problem. As described in this thread I recently tried to convert a tw1.3 tour to a tw3 tour.

When you open the tour i tw3 I learned that it is nescessary to reasaign the actions to your hotspots. Meaning that the hotspots are still visible, you just have to ad an action to them.

I hope this fixes your problem.

Best regards


Best regards

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