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Mac Version Of Tourweaver!

Dear Customers,

Thank you for all you support to Easypano products. For the development of our company and to meet more customers' requirements, we are planning to develop Tourweaver for Mac, but as you all know, we are in China and we know little about potential customers who might be using Mac OS. Here we need your advice on this plan. Do you think it is feasible or will be a waste of time and money?

Your suggestions and comments will be welcome. You can put down your ideas here or send a letter to


Joe Rao

Easypano Holdings Inc.
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Since the development of LiveStagePro has ceased, there is only one VT software left for Mac: cubic-converter & cubic-connector. This software has some good features for creating Quicktime files (e.g. directional sound) but it has only limited features regarding tours.

So, there _might_ be a market for this, but keep in mind, that recent Macs can run a native Windows operating system parallel to a MacOS or Windows OS alone. Moreover, in the past years PTGui has been the most used stitching software for professionals, forcing many former Mac-users to switch to a Windows-pc at least for the stitching part. Since recently PTGui is available for Mac as well, so they made it to this platform but I doubt, that this platform question is so important any longer. If I would own a recent Mac and not my old G4 800 I probably would use MacOS X for most of my work and simply switch over to Windows on it for specialised pc software like e.g. tourweaver.

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Its a matter of workflow: Today in many fields (graphic field inclusive) you can get the same output of your work no matter if you are familiar more to apples pcs(and OSX) than to windows machines or vice versa. The tools mostly are the same on both platforms.
For our company (using 3 Windows PC and 2 Apple) a mac-version would simplfy the workflow and so save time only because pictures are edited here on mac traditionally - we dont want to change this. And we dont have all our software (special tool, plugins, etc) for windows too. At the moment we have to house project folders for each tour on both because we pre-edit the pictures on Mac, then stitching and generate equirectangeluar output by panoweaver on Win, finish them on Mac again and build the tour with tw3 on Win.
So helpful for us would only be a full "studio"- version including panoweaver for mac.
Best regards!
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i've been lookinng for a mac product for ages.

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I am keen on seing a mac version as well. It would be way easier for me since I am using mostly mac.


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With in the next few months, I will be moving to Mac.  I noticed the date of 9/25/2007 for the start of this thread and would like to know more on the easypano progress.  Are you still in development, what will you offer for Mac Tourweaver version ?  Panoweaver version ?  I am currently using Tourweaver 1.3 Pro and Panoweaver 5 on a PC.