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Image Compression

When publishing to Flash and Java it seems files in the source folder of java are compressed. Files in the source folder of Flash are not compressed.

Can anyone confirm this?

Regards Markus


I disagree with you about 72 or 300 dpi. If you sava a image as JPG at 2000 x 1000 pixel at 100% it does not matter if you have it at 72 dpi or 300 dpi.

Filesize will be exactely the same. Just pixel and compression matter.

Test it: Take an image and save it twice (both times same pixel size and same compression rate)

I was under the impression that it matters for many many years and reduced all images to 72dpi first :-)

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It depends if the size or the ppi is the limiter and is true "if" the image is not being resampled.

What you are affecting is the "Document" and thus the printing size.

If you take an image that is say 1000x1000 and 72ppi and adjust it to 300ppi there is a file size change. Same if you have an image at 72ppi and reduce the pixels to say 10ppi.

Also it is Pixels Per Inch (ppi) not Dots Per Inch (dpi) this is the difference between print pixels and monitor dots.

Where you have read my post was to do with "Oversized" panorama images and it was clear to me that it was a default PTGui image being used by reference to the 300ppi. Simply, that user needed to reduce the overall size of the panorama images to make the tour work. It was never a discussion or argument over ppi or dpi.

Regards, Smooth