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TW3 question / feature reques

Is it possible somehow to add a second function for a button or anything else?

For exsample: In my tour I have a button, which I use to change floor from the 1. floor to the 2. floor (Link to map-action). It works ok, but in the action list there is space for more than one action. What I really would like to do, is add more actions, like play sound and Link to scene for that same button, to create more impressive tours!

It feels stuppid that when I use Link to map action, the active scene stays on the other floor/map and keeps panning on.

The another feature I have been missing since the beginning is "auto hint", so that every scene and radar would automaticly have the scene name on hint.

Then there is one more: some intelligence to the radar: When I put radar over the scene hotspot on map, the radar should automaticly pick the scene from underlying hotspot.