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Quote: Originally posted by smooth on October-18-2007

You have Vignetting issues, Chromatic Aberration issues and the images aren't all that sharp or clear into the distance. There is evidence of staircasing Anti-Alias issues. This can be a result of not choosing a good zoom level to start the FOV and of course the limitation of the viewer itself.

(Except your HELP button doesn't do a whole lot!) Looks to be a salable package to me.

I hope I have answered your question?

Thanx for your feedback Smooth, highly appreciated!

I was wondering if you had the time to explain the things I've quoted. Seems to me like something I should pass along to my photograph and picture retouch colleagues. Do you have any common advice regarding zoom FOV settings?

I'd like to point out that these pics are from a 2 year old tour, and that we have changed our photo equipment since those pics were shot.
This is a more recent tour Feel free to comment on it if you got the time. This tour is unfortunately published as a Java applet.

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