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preloading help needed

just published one tour and confuse on part of preloading.

the very first preloader when tour starts is i suppose to preload the skin files but that dosent fully load and then start tour.

the second thing i want to know is scene preloading.
like in flash we can script things to be loaded first and then preview.

here in tw there is waits for two to three second time between change of scene and then pano starts but with black screen and partly loading while it plays auto.

is there any way we can show some preloading pano screen first and then once pano is fully preloaded then we can show the pano to visitor ?

i am talking about java and flash both.

please help

here is my sample url

if you see this versions you will find that after clickin on perticular hotspot or radar in map pano wait image shows but for just two seconds and then pano start playin with black screen.

In this case our fundamental to show scene preloading image is become false.

please help.