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is this possible with tourweaver

i want to use tourweaver to create a simple slideshow tour. essentially, I want to make half of the screen to be a floorplan, and the other half of the screen to be a photo slideshow with pictures of the room.

i dont want to make any 360 views, just a simple "click in a room, and the slideshow begins"

is this possible, or is there any easier way to do this.
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You don't have to use spherical images.  You can use stills with TW.

Just download the program and give it a whirl.


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If you want to do a simple slideshow without the floor plan you can use this program for free . It's very easy to learn, 5 min at the most. You will have to host the slide show just as you would Tourweaver. I link a slide show to my 360 tours.
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