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Altering size of Browser Window

Hi Fellow Easypano users.

I have created some small, single scene panoramas for a client, and want to be able to have the browser window open smaller, so as to just encase the mini-tours.

My mini tours are 400 x 240.

I am sure this can be achieved, and would love to know how, so your help would be appreciated.


R Scutt
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Did you change the size of your skin? If you did it should generate the proper sized window, but you can alter the link code - just change the height and width parameters - for example

<a title="#""",'_blank','status=yes,top=0,left=0,width=806,height=640');><img src="" border=0></a>

Change to

<a title="#""",'_blank','status=yes,top=0,left=0,width=400,height=240');><img src="" border=0></a>

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You could also use the program called Wise Popup 

Ithelps you generate all the code you need. Feel free to send me a personal message ifyou need help with the program.


Best regards

Morten Andersen
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(english it`s not my natural language so please excuse)

I have a mistery to solve....
I have my own skin allready design, but when I launch it, the skin do not keep the size, and if you resize the browser window, the skin changes the proportion too, not like in other pre-design skins, that does not matter what size is the browser window, the skin have the rigth proportion. I saw the html file and I think it have to do something about the problem here is the text:
<a title="#" onClick="'TourWeaver_SWValle.html','_blank','status=yes,resizable=yes,top=0,left=0,width=800,height=600');">TourWeaver_SWValle.html</a>

Do U see something wrong ??

Please help.


Happy Shots !!!