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Video vs. Stills Virtual Tour

I hope easypano gets into this.

I think eventually this is where we are headed.

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That is pretty sweet, but the whale one didnt work so well for me. It didnt want to spin around while it was running - I had to pause it to see around. The Basketball one worked mint for me though while the movie was playing. Awesome technology! Thanks for sharing the link eagle.

Basketball 360 video:

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The VR video has been arouhnd for a while. The main drawback is quality since it relies most of the time on a single shot lens with a videocamera (such as 360onevr). Beside the angle of view is limited.


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I started doing Video panoramas more than 3 years ago and the quality still hasn't improved. File sizes are large and the quality (or lack of it) makes it pointless (novelty) at this stage. The Ladybug camera is probably the best on the market at the moment but the cost is prohibitive.

Regards, Smooth

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Great idea but extemely poor quality, maybe see improvement in this technology in 5 years. God only knows how much this equipment plus software would cost!! Now I believe that Easypano are doing something with video is this correct?

Regards Brian

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Brian, I think you are right. I remember seeing a post by Joe just the other day in regards to Easypano Video.
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Imagine walking through a house with this technology, the quality would be very low compared to what we do now, the windows would be so over exposed and the file sizes are huge for what you get.

If anything I would settle for a point A to B video with high quality spherical panos at points A and B. Perhaps that is what easypano has been working on.