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Thumbs Up To Ver3.0

Well I finally got to use the new 3.00 version. I been a long time 1.3 user and got a bad sick taste in the mouth anytime I tried firing up 2.0

I just want to say I am very happy with Version 3.0 . I haven't used all the features for my first project but the layout and the features I did use was grade A. I use Adobe Flash CS3 all the time so the layout Tourweaver 3.00 is like being at home. My favorite part is that it supports flash. Unfortunally many PCs don't have JAVA installed which has cause some issues with past clients. Now I see a solution and I am very proud of the staff who came through with flying colors!

Alex - Graphics Designer
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I agree, good product but get rid of java encryption and as good a viewer as 1.3 and I'd be happy as a pig in ****.

I still have the issue of a thin distortion line down the middle of my viewer on Java only. Anyone elso got this? (sorry for trashing this thread) 


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Good to hear your happy and that you are still around Alex.

Tourweaver 3.0 is not perfect but is a HUGE improvement over 2.0 and it was a free upgrade for registered 2.0 users. So Easypano scored good PR points on that.

Regards, Smooth