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Really really like this product! Hats off to the developers! I have noticed that the only sound formatt allowed is au - any chance of implimenting mp3's or wave files? Also where do place the background sound for the whole presentation not a scene sound like music that continuously loops throughout the whole presentation. Thnaks again for the new product!
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1.Tourweaver 1.00 can only support the sound files in the format of .au. If you would like to use your own sound files as the foreground or background music, you have to convert them into .au files by a converting tool called Cool Edit 2000. The unregistered version of Cool Edit 2000 offers you 1 month free trial. More information can be found at

2. As to the background sound for the whole tour, you can choose a sound file in the Sound  item of the Path panel. Also you can assign a specific sound for each path you create.

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Hi guys... Cool Edit 2000 is now Adobe Audition and retails at $299,- just another price tag in the world of software... though it would appear resonable for you to consider other sound file possilbilties. is it just that format works best or what are the reasons that this format is used?? Just curious...



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I found a link where you can still download Cool Edit:


Didn't try yet. I have most files in mp3, why Tourweaver doesn't support mp3?