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i found that in this updates,the virtual tour does not download the next panoramic scene together with playing current panoramic scene.

in the old update ,the virtual tour play and also download the next scene. we never see a download bar (if we have a high speed connection).

but in this update ,we alway see a download bar and it will begin from 0% to 100%

may be my mistake ? there need some config ?

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Since I updated TW 3, the only sound it plays is .mp3. No .wav nor .au. I had a tour created with .wav sound effects and it does not play.
Did this happen to anyone else??

Thanks, Martin

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I have not tested everything yet but there is one thing for me that is a big deal breaker. Easypano said: "[*]Flash displaying quality improved (for flash)". In what way? For me it degraded. The picture quality appears to be the same but the minimum pan speed when interacting with the image is WAY WAY too fast! This makes it way too robotic and jerky when interacting with the image. I tested both the preview and the output, same thing. Then went back to the previous build and no problems.

This happened to me in TW2 as well. One build the pan was nice and smooth and then the next build it was too fast and jerky. I had to then stay with an older build despite the bug fixes and other enhancements in newer versions.

I was hoping to take advantage of some of the other new features and bug fixes but unless EP puts the viewer back the way it was, I'm stuck with an old build again.

If you need examples, just look here.
The see how slowly you can pan on the older examples? The new one at the top, granted the viewer is larger, but trust me, it is way to jerky.

Anybody else see this degradation? My advice to easypano is to make their viewer as smooth as immervision's. Then I would be happy.